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Hurry up and wait! JESUS HAD A JOB TO DO AND SO DO YOU… Just like you and I, Jesus was preassigned a job, before he was born. The only difference there is between you, I and Jesus he knew what his assignment was before he enter into this world. We can learn what our assignment is through prayer and love…. But the most magnificent part of Jesus entering into this world was that he gave and left, us instructions, directions, (The Bible) the way we should live our lives to find the narrow pathway to return unto his father to gain eternal life. We the people reward Jesus with death for this information. FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO…. ( Luke 23:34) Jesus knew his path would not be easy. He knew there would be murmurs, murders. Liars, theives, seduction, criticism and evenly death. JESUS knew he had to face these things to get the message to the sinners of this world…. Even the few he recruited to help him, some became unfaith and turned against him and denied him, even after seeing and knowing his purpose on this earth. They was give powers to perform miracles, and the handbook of life eternally. We have that same power that can move mountains, heal the sick, calm the sea; but we must have a pure heart, a pure mind, and a pure soul to be able to walk this earth like Jesus. It is possible, because your body is the temple of God! We must keep it clean for God to live there…. He left you that privilege of a helper; a comforter “The Holy Spirit “. The Holy Spirit can not enter into a defile person life unless, they repeat and confess their sins and believe with their whole heart and mine, that Jesus is God’s son and only through him we will see our Father’s face and be granted eternal life…. The Suffering Servant (Matthew 26:57-68; Mark 14:53-65; John 18:19-24; 1 Peter 2:21-25) 2/8/2021 Annie L. Flournoy III

Fred Lampkin, renowned inspirational spreaker… Morning tea ☕️ ☕️☕️……. Heavenly Father! My GOD, For the many times you’ve led me to living waters as my soul thirsted, thank you. You have been my constant consistent help through in every season of my life, thank you. For every open door God, you gave me discernment to identify and walk through, thank you. For every closed door, even the ones shut in my face to protect my future and my posterity, thank you. For time, space and strength to grow, mature and be adorned with wisdom through fire, storms and floods in my life, thank you. In season and out of season, I am a tree planted by the rivers of living water, bringing forth fruit and harvest, thank you. Every, every time you picked me up out of my own mess and muck, loved the sin out of me, cleaned me, breathed on me and brought me back to life and light, thank you. You are my only wise God, dominion, power and authority belong to you for ever and ever. Thank you God that your love never runs out for me. I pray, I believe, it is so, AMEN

Inspirational speaker, his words and his drawing speaks to your heart and your mind as he reach deep into his enter self to release the gift of love God bestowed in him…

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